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1/3/2018 CNG Steering Committee Notes by Sheila


Al, Audrey, Dave, Jerome, Sheila    Missed but not forgotten:  Dee and Heidi

CNG Steering Committee:

  - Changing Meeting Time:  2nd Tuesday of the month 3:00 PM at RAF  Feb. 13 and March 13 have been booked.
  - New Steering Committee Members? Agreed we need to expand.
                            Agreed not to open an invitation to the full CNG list.
                            Waiting to hear from Dee re Robert Reese (UMR) and  Michael Anthony (RCTC)    

January 25 Meeting Agenda:

   7:30 - 7:45    Ice Breaker/Survey.  What value does CMG for you and your organization?                 Jen Woodford
   7:45 - 8:25    County Presentation: New Administrator/New Structure.                       Heidi Welsch/Paul Fleissner  
   8:25 - 8:30    2020 Census:  Complete Count Effort in Minnesota                                                Sheila Kiscaden
   8:30 - 8:50    Compass Points Survey Feedback:                                                  Audrey Betcher/Jerome Ferson
                          - What do you use?
                          - How do you use it?
                          - What is missing?
   8:50 - 9:00     Village News:   Cradle to Career  Feb. 22
                                              Olmsted Housing Scan
                                              Governors Task Force on Housing

Meeting Calendar:  CNG full group: January, March, May, September, November, December
                            CNG Steering Committee:  2nd Tuesday of the month, 3 pm at RAF

March Meeting Topic:  Immigration Concerns and Issues was on list for 2018. CanDee plan/coordinate that for March?

Compass Points:  We have a proposal from Wilder Research that will need review and attention.  It was noted that the proposal included a two page insert that would address disparities.  General consensus was that there is value in renewing this project; that there is a liklihood of funding; that it fits/enhances a number of other community efforts including Cradle to Career.  It should be continued and the Steering Committee should make this the principle topic of discussion at the February 13th meeting.  

February 13 CNG Steering Committee Agenda:

 - Mission/purpose statements for CNG.....................Heidi and Al
 - Discussion of Compass Points development...........Jerome and Audrey
 - Discussion for Complete Count...............................Sheila
 - CNG Steering Committee Membership Invites........Dee

P.S.  Additions and corrections to these meeting notes are most welcome....

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